Improve risk management by leveraging Alternative Data sets

Leverage third party data to unlock the Direct To consumer Insurance opportunity

Connect Lafia’s data exchange to help you securlely and compliantly connect to data to better predict and manage health care and utilization 

Leverage third party data to create new ways to manage and distribute risk within new populations. 


Connect to global third party data to augment insights from your internal claims data


Tightly control permissions and monitor all requests for access to your data 


Ensure compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy preserving technology 

Patient Centric

Missing additional data? Our consent engine provides additional data opportunities to get 

Built with the future of sharing and a Global Mindset

Creating a more equitable and scalable healthcare experience starts with secure and consent driven data sharing infrastructure.

What are the Benefits of Connecting to other data sources?

A whole new set of business opportunities 

Defend Against Fraud

Create New Risk Pools

Look at your customers in whole new ways.

Monitor Your Outliers

Manage Utilization Rates Smarter

Get Provider Insights

The future of healthcare is here

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