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Our services

Empowering Medical Professionals

We offer efficient, secure, and patient-centric solutions for your medical practice

Operational Efficiency

This platform simplifies administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and keeping records, which helps reduce the workload of practitioners and allows them to concentrate on providing patient care.

Secure and encrypted platform

Swift emergency care with CareNow Broadcast

Automate customer support and close leads faster


We aim to improve transparency in healthcare services, ensuring patients have access to clear and reliable information about their care.

User-Friendly Interface

Effortless Record-Keeping

Confidentiality and Privacy


Data interoperability

Data can be shared and understood by various systems, promoting efficient communication and collaboration between different technologies or platforms.

Data Insights

Efficient Data Management

Automated Reporting

There’s more...

You can count on us for comprehensive coverage and support

Seamless Deployment with Cloak

Effortless Deployment At Distributed Locations

Module Customization 

Crafting Custom Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs and Requirements

Payer Integration - Suresalama

Streamlining Payer Collaboration for Effortless Healthcare Management

FHIR Compliance

Ensuring Interoperable and Secure Healthcare Data Exchange

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