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Here’s how to get started​

Here’s how to get started​

Fundamental steps that patients should be aware of when starting to use our product

Contact your hospital administrator for registration

Connect with your hospital administrator to initiate the registration process and access our services

Download the Lafia app using the link sent via mail

Access the Lafia app by clicking on the link sent to your email for a seamless experience

Login to you app and start getting care

Log in to your app, and you can start receiving the care you need right away

Use in-app guides for profile and payer setup

Follow the quick in-app guides to set up your profile and payer information effortlessly

Consent Management

Our platform simplifies consent management, allowing you to digitize and organize your health records efficiently. You can easily retrieve your records and share them securely with healthcare professionals when needed. You control your data!

Your data is Safe

We employ state-of-the-art encryption and secure transmission protocols to safeguard all your information during storage and transmission. You have full control over who can access your health records, providing added security.

You cannot afford healthcare?

A payer is here to help! Get the Suresalama app, signup, purchase a policy and enjoy quality healthcare.

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