Privacy Commandments

Privacy Commandments

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We are Privacy Centric and This is how we think about it

9 privacy Commandments

Data is our lifeblood. Here’s how we think about data and privacy. 

Patient centric

We put the patient at the center of everything we do.


We are radically honest and upfront about where are data is stored

Optimized for Security

We're built from the ground up. its at the core of our platforms and everything we do.

Privacy beyond Process

We're invested in creating tools and infrastructure that innovate on privacy

Global Standards first

HIPAA Compliance is not an afterthought - we are HIPAA compliant out of the box.

Consent Drives all

Our solutions are content-driven at the core. Every stakeholder has optionality on how their data is used.

We are Switzerland

we remain neutral which means we won't use your data in ways that compete with stakeholders.

Lead the conversation

We're comfortable sharing our learnings on privacy and security because it makes everyone better.

Core Differentiator

Our attention to privacy and security is a major differentiator in how we do business.

Why We Care

The patients demand and deserve it

Our patients in emerging markets are very privacy forward when it comes to healthcare data. We have to invest significantly to ensure we meet the expectations of our patients. 

Regulatory / Legal implications

We're a Global Solution Starting in Emerging Markets

Being a global first company means we have to adhere to global standards. In the long term, it will help with interoperability for our patients and customers. 

It's the Future, Today

Privacy and Security are at the core of an ever connected world

As we become more connected, privacy and security become more essential to ensure bad actors don’t take advantage of connectivity. 

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